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About Us

About Us

The Diamond Blade Centre is an online platform created and operated by Absolute Supplies Group Ltd. With the aim of providing a seamless customer experience when choosing the correct diamond product for the job. Whether that be a quick DIY tile cutting job or a specialist diamond-tipped core need for maximum effectiveness in coring the hardest of natural or manmade materials. With access to hundreds of different sizes and specifications, we have the correct diamond product for you at both the highest of quality and price to suit everyone’s budget.

Located in the North West of England shipping out hundreds of orders each week you can be assured that you are dealing with an efficient and effective company who strives on providing an unbeatable customer experience. From sourcing, the correct product for your projects, to next day delivery and hassle-free returns and refunds.

Launched in the mid-2000s as a market stall, Absolute Supplies Group Ltd have grown year on year, we have improved and developed our supply chain, allowing us to offer unbeatable product support and a fantastic range of products at very affordable prices.

We launch our new website with hundreds of different products which almost guarantees we have the right product for you! If we don’t just ask and we can get something custom made direct from our supply chain. Also with our easy to understand “what are you cutting” feature we have made it simpler than ever to find to correct tools for the job.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Simply get the item back to us and we can arrange a full refund, no questions asked.

Online Support 24/7

Not 100% sure on what product you need? Simply get in touch with one of our experts.