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Welcome to The Diamond Blade Centre

Welcome to The Diamond Blade Centre

Welcome; A message from our principal owner and founder.

Hello and welcome to our first blog post on our brand new website, Diamond Blade Centre. Let start by introducing myself as the principal owner and founder of DW Supplies established in 2010 and rebranded & relaunched in 2018 as Absolute Supplies. Since then we have found a gap in the market to be the number 1 choice for all diamond cutting requirements from blades to core bits plus the tools to do the cutting also! Which is why we have opened the Diamond Blade Centre T/A Absolute Supplies

We launch with nearly 300 products on our brand new website to suit everyone’s budget and requirements, whether that be a quick DIY job at home or on-site working with the hardest of natural or manmade materials where specialist diamond-tipped equipment is needed.

We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations by making diamond tool selection a simpler experience and by providing construction and demolition tools that give the best possible performance at the right price, enabling the user to get the job done quickly, first time and on budget. With our massive range of Diamond Blades and Diamond Cores you can be assured of quality and product longevity, we aim to provide great service that exceeds the user’s expectation throughout every stage of use. 

Not sure what blade to choose? Simply check out our “What are you Cutting” page which has been designed to be easy to follow and navigate for you the customer. Simply navigate to which material you are cutting/working with and our system will automatically tell you which products are best optimized to work with the selected material, then simply choose your blade dimensions then pick your blade! Simple as that!  We aim to provide several pricing options across each material to again cater to everyone’s requirements. And if you are still not 100% sure which product you need, get in touch with one a knowledgeable and experienced member of our team.

My aim as principal owner and founder of Diamond Blade Centre is to provide a seamless and efficient user experience from choosing the correct product, right through the complete ordering process and in getting your order delivered to you as soon as we can.  My commitment doesn’t stop as soon as the item is delivered if your not 100% satisfied with; any aspect of the ordering process and/or the product in general. Simply get in touch with the team and we will endeavor to solve any issues.

We also value your opinions, so if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions on how we can be easier to do business with please feel free to contact us and let us know. Each comment will be addressed and responded to. 

Dan Withe 
Principal Owner and Founder
Diamond Blade Centre

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